These days, age is just a number. More than ever before we are living healthier, longer lives. Economic struggles and changes in how we build careers often put us in a position that makes it difficult to really do what we want through our 20s and 30s. We are a world of late bloomers and once we get into our 40s we want to play a little catch up.

Sure, we could go all out on one big vacation every year or every other year, but it seems that it is becoming more and more popular to book multiple vacations a year, some of which are close to home, at a lower price so we can see more of this beautiful world in which we live.

A vacation that is cost effective is not a vacation without a sense of wonder, relaxation and beauty though. Vacations have become much more affordable due to multiple sites competing to give you the lowest prices. If you want to visit the beach, expect lower fares and room rates than ever before. Looking to take in some historical sites across the country or outside of it? The same is true here as well.

The great thing about getting a little older is an appreciate of the sites, locations, and the time that we get to spend with our loved ones. This list will give you some great ideas for spring break destinations at very affordable costs, but it won’t give you actual costs. Unfortunately, it is all but impossible to tell you what to expect to pay as fees are always changing and the your location and the time in which you book your vacation will make the prices vary a great deal. The places on this list, though, are some of the most highly respected destinations for those looking to keep some money in their bank account.

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