From George Washington all the way to our President Elect Donald Trump, America has been led by a plenitude of well-known men. Some were military men, others men of law, and others still scholars and academics, but all played a hand in his country’s politics and each was intelligent in his own right. So, how do they measure up? You might be surprised to see these top twenty presidents and where they rank according to their IQ scores!

How, might you ask, would one know the IQ of a man who lived over one hundred years ago– or even fifty years ago for that matter? Well, in 2006 Dean Simonton, a professor at the University of California at Davis, wondered just how smart America’s presidents are and were, and so he conducted a study. The study took in a multitude of factors in order to examine the “intellectual brilliance” of each president and estimate an IQ score.

Whether one agrees with all the decisions a president has made, wars he has waged, or policies he has implemented, it would be hard to argue a man who made his way to Chief Executive of the United States is not, in some way, intelligent. While it is interesting to see a measurement of just how intelligent, it’s important to remember many of these IQs are estimates. (After all, the first IQ test wasn’t even created until the early 20th Century.)

Can you guess who makes the top of the list? Our first President? Our newest? A modern man like Bill Clinton, or a trailblazer like Theodore Roosevelt? Let’s see if you’re right…

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