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President-elect Donald J. Trump is easily one of the most divisive figures to ever take office in the United States. His rise to power – and an eventual win in the election is nothing short of astonishing. Few expected him to have any chance of winning the election, but here we are. As of the time of this writing, there are a number of concerns that start when he takes the oath of office. While Mr. Trump did lose the popular vote by over 3 million votes, this is not an article to  pander to one side or the other. This is not a character assassination, so we will not mention much about some of the more controversial things he said or did that have nothing to do with policy. Instead, this is a piece about the positive and negative things that could happen under a President Trump administration.

It is important to note that most of this is guesswork right now. Not because we didn’t do our research, but because Trump has been fairly wishy-washy on what he will and won’t do. He has plenty of issues with those in his own party that will have to help him pass these particular policies and he has little understanding – as of right now at least – of politics. That isn’t to say he is not an intelligent man and can’t do the job, but look back eight years to then Senator Obama and his lack of experience. He had actually been in office at a fairly high level for a short time but Trump is going in blind. So, once Trump gets into office and is able to start digging into the details, especially the classified things that he will be brought up to speed on, many of these issues could completely change.

There is another scenario that seems just as likely though. What Donald Trump says may just be what he does. He is not a great politician when it comes to pandering to other political elite, but he is great at getting people fired up. While we won’t see a dictator type of presidency, it is not unlikely that we will see a presidency that relies much more on the passion of the people. Politicians will only push so hard when their constituents are threatening to replace them. Following, are our best guesses for 20 things that could play out over the next four to eight years.

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