20. The Wall

Via TheBurnWard

Trump’s major rallying cry for most of his run has been about The Wall. Because of the amount of illegal immigrants that come into the States and the fact that Donald feels that they are rapists, drug traffickers and all manner of bad guy (though some are good people from what he hears), he feels our security is not high enough. He has also stated that Mexico will pay for the wall, it will be huge and it will be amazing. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, disagrees about the financials of the wall.

As time has gone on and things have started to settle though, Trump acknowledges that some of the wall will have to be fencing. It will be all but impossible to build an entire wall to block off the border to Mexico. With that said, the plans are still fairly unclear on how he plans to get this done. Our estimation is that it won’t. This was more of a metaphorical idea and one that he had his supporters rally behind once he saw how much it gained in traction. If a wall is built, though, it would likely be in specific locations that are high traffic areas.

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