Reliability is always among the major factors when purchasing a car. But what determines whether you will buy a car and keep it running for over 250,000 miles? Well, besides the reliability factor, faithful and regular maintenance on behalf of the owner is a major key.

While almost any car can reach 200,000 miles, you will have to spend a lot of money to keep it running. This is not to mean that it’s a good idea to keep your trusty steed. Buying a reliable, and safe model in the first place is better, and should be followed by proper maintenance practices for the long run.

Obviously, some cars are certainly more likely than others to hit the 250,000-mile mark. You can still find a wide range of models across different market categories that can deliver that kind of longevity. The models listed below are some of the safest bets that can get to the 250,000-mile mark and beyond.

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