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It can be hard to look at celebrities and think they have a difficult job. Sure their career requires work and study, but they are making a living singing or playing pretend. And it is also easy to say that we would all love to live that life of luxury, if only we had the chops, or the looks, or the abilities. Most importantly, its the looks that can get people noticed these days. Jimmy Stuart was not a bad looking man, but he was no Will Smith, Chris Pratt or Tom Cruise. For the most part, the big names in entertainment these days are the beautiful or handsome ones.

The shocking truth though, is most were far from what you would call “star quality” when they started their careers. Most had to undergo some sort of change to give themselves that “movie star” look that they are known for now. While most succeeded in their transformations, a few hit a few bumps in the road. Even more shocking though is that the biggest change comes from where you likely least expect it; their teeth. It is something that few of us pay attention to, but the following images are going to prove to you that even the most minor changes can make a difference. A few are significant changes, and a couple will require you to really look to see the difference.

That is the interesting thing about how we see people. We take in their appearance as a whole but don’t notice what it is that changed for the better. Have you ever seen a coworker and knew something changed? You guessed it was their hair, or they had a recent shave which gave a new style of facial hair – when in reality, they just stopped wearing glasses. Our brain generally does not handle the specific details very well, unless they are specifically pointed to, but it handled the overall look very effectively. That is the most fun part of this list. A few are purposefully put in here because the changes to their dental structure is so minor you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking.

Others are listed because the change is so drastic you are going to be hard pressed to understand why it took so long for them to have veneers put in in the first place. In most cases, veneers are the culprit int his list of fake teeth. Some had braces and a few fakes put in, others had whitening and a few replaced, so don’t expect every mouth here to be full of fake teeth, but the changes are all significant to the overall appearance of the star. Enjoy the list and on the minor changes, try to cover the after picture and study the before, then switch and see how much of a difference even a minor change can make.

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