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It doesn’t matter if you are a world traveler or a homebody that just loves to watch shows about the wonders of the world, you haven’t seen it all. As a matter of fact, no matter how much of this beautiful planet you see, there is always something you probably never heard of.

While natural wonders abound throughout our planet, it is what we, as humans, have created throughout our history that can be truly awe-inspiring. While many buildings are created for ego or religion or for one person, time has a way of making those temples available to everyone.

These temples become places of peace and solitude, tourist traps, incredible places for photographs and solemn locations for reflection. Religious, philosophical or purely curious, these temples offer something for visitors from all walks of life.

With that said, there are plenty of temples throughout the world that are humble and serve the same purpose, but the locations on this list are on here for a reason. They are over the top or extraordinary in every sense of the word. They bring a sense of wonder. How were some of these built with the tools that were available at the time? What was the world like for those that were around when these temples were built?

Everything breaks down in time, so we are truly lucky to be alive in this moment, alive to experience what our people have built. It is important to understand that these locations will only be here for a mere moment when compared to time itself. But for us, that moment is long enough – we get to experience something truly unbelievable.

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