Ryan Lochte already issued a half-apology for claiming that he was robbed at gunpoint, but he still has to deal with the aftermath of his lies.

Lochte apologized for “not being more careful and candid,” but Al Roker says that that’s definitely not enough. The usually cool Roker was ready to call out Lochte on his blatant lies, claiming that he should apologize to the Brazilian people. Roker is not satisfied with how the whole thing unravelled and says that Lochte should face the consequences. You can’t just make stuff up and get away with it.

“He lied to you. He lied to Matt Lauer. Lied to his mom. He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled,” Roker exclaimed. There’s no point in sugarcoating it. According to Brazilian police reports, a robbery did not take place and certainly not one at gunpoint, as Lochte claims. Billy Bush and Al Roker got into a heated debate regarding the reports, with Bush claiming that Lochte embellished what really went down.

Roker was having none of it. “No, no, no, no — he didn’t embellish. He lied.” The clip, which is an excerpt from Today’s Take, sees Bush attempt to reconcile the fact that Lochte merely exaggerated when he told the story to his mother. The co-anchor refused to back down from his claim that Lochte did not lie. Roker on the other hand, despite being quite agitated, said: “Let’s keep an open mind; we’ll keep an open mind. Hopefully Ryan will come on and give his side of the story.”

“Look, it’s not a shining moment. They are embellishing moments, they are total untruths,” Bush finally conceded. “In the end, Al, he shouldn’t have lied to his mother. The won he lied to in the beginning was ‘mom’ and she then got the story out there.” Lochte might not be ready to come out with a full apology, but his sponsors are not ones to wait. Four companies have terminated their sponsorship deals with the disgraced athlete, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren.

Speedo, Lochte’s biggest sponsor of the four that decided to terminate their contracts with him, issued a statement claiming that they could not stand by such reckless behaviour. “We cannot condone behaviour that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for.” Lochte will respect Speedo’s decision and even thanked the swimwear company. “I am grateful for the opportunities that our partnership has afforded me over the years,” Lochte, 32, said.

He might not have issued a formal apology, but speaking to Today, Lochte admitted to making a mistake. “I made a mistake and I definitely learned from this. They put on a great Games… and my immature, intoxicated behaviour tarnished that a little.”