Do you remember the excitement of planning for your senior prom? Did you think it would make international news?

When Madison Haulter ordered her sequined pink dress for prom, she had no idea that it would be the first step on a journey that would make her and her boyfriend internet-famous. Their story is a lesson to anyone dealing with body image issues and shows the importance of having a good support structure in place so you can stand up to bullies.

Let’s start by getting to know Madison a little bit. From the first picture, you’re going to have a hard time believing why anyone would treat her so badly.

This Girl Caused Twitter To Lose It’s Mind

Image: Twitter Of Madison Haulter & Tre Booker

Meet Madison Haulter, a senior at Pike High School, Indiana. Recently this lovely senior accidentally became an internet sensation.

You see, Haulter posted a photograph to her Twitter account, which is not uncommon for a teen. What was surprising was the comment from a complete stranger that traveled way past the boundaries of social conduct, even on social media!

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