Trisha Reibelt is a 31-year-old woman currently living in Townsville, Queensland and is just like any other person except for one important detail – her beautiful Rapunzel hair.

It took 11 years to grow her colorful hair and despite shortening it by about 30 centimeters recently, her hair is still quite long – down to her knees, in fact. Her rainbow hair became an internet sensation recently and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, her locks are absolutely mesmerizing. “I first decided to grow it long because my mum also has long hair. Plus, I was curious to see what my body was capable of,” she told BuzzFeed Life.

She began experimenting with different colors when she was just a teenager and it was in 2009 when her fascination with bright colors really started. She dressed up as Jesse from Pokémon’s Team Rocket for a cosplay party and it was then when she found her true calling. She spends more than five hours coloring her hair and she tries different shades a few times a week.

It’s a very demanding task, but her friends are on hand to help her out. The end result is absolutely fantastic. She has tested several coloring techniques over the years, including UV colors and half-and-halves. Trisha has some advice for people that like to have beautiful hair. She urges women to avoid heat styling of any kind, which means no curlers, tongs, straighteners or hairdryers.

She also tends to stray away from hair products like hairsprays and deep cleansing shampoos. Her hair is a real phenomenon. She even models from time to time, most recently for hair colorist Rebacca Taylor, who is responsible for her current look. The video they made of the whole process got more than 8 million views on Facebook.

“The media were actually interested in me before my meet with Rebecca. A couple of media sites had done short write-ups about my hair that included the use of some of my Instagram photos. This article on was posted on the day I actually met with Rebecca.”

“ had also contacted me before I flew down to see Rebecca. After a few emails back and forth (with many delays due to me being busy in Melbourne and the writer being off on their scheduled holiday), they published their article. The article and Rebecca’s video of my hair coincidentally went viral at the same time so I got a sudden surge of attention.”

She is quite creative with her hair. Over the years she has tried all kinds of colors. Trisha changes her hair color every couple of weeks and she documents everything on her Instagram account. For more, visit her official Instagram page here:

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